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homestuck [Sep. 16th, 2012|05:42 pm]
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[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

dump of fanart from the webcomic homestuck
Afsgdfn CCvery serious fantroll
eadadsrose lalonde & dave strider
feferi piexes
meenah aranea
meenah and aranea
New Canvas
dirk strider
photo 2 (2)
the condesce
securedownload (1)
aradia megido
securedownload (2)
sollux captor
sollux again
syplg color
aranea serket
tumblr_m3s2t2H6C71r3tlfdo1_1280kanaya maryam
aradia bot
equius zahak
vriska serket
feferi c
feferi piexes

my tumblr
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miscellaneous art [Sep. 16th, 2012|05:33 pm]
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[Current Mood |productive]

some BBC some vocaloid whatevs
merlin & arthur-BBC series Merlin
suzune_ring_by_deniigi_studios-d4a3tq2vocaloid-suzune ring
suzune_ring_by_deniigi_studios-d49yecdvocaloid suzune ring
tumblr_ltwzwt1EHq1r3sldxo1_r1_500vocaoild-len kagamine
tumblr_luj0anIUBm1r3sldxo1_500dalek-doctor who
tumblr_m7sf8cV4vI1r3tlfdo1_500tony curran as van gogh in doctor who
tumblr_m476libnMP1r3tlfdo1_1280northern lights

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hetalia art update [Sep. 16th, 2012|05:23 pm]
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[Current Mood |productive]

havent updated in forever
 artdump time

aph_hong_kong_x_south_korea_by_deniigi_studios-d49wjs4south korea & hong kong
hetalia_usuk_wip_by_deniigi_studios-d4b4gvuamerica and england
keep_up_by_deniigi_studios-d49vy6ltaiwan and vietnam
tumblr_lsvjsrSAhG1r3sldxo1_r1_500disco pogo america
tumblr_lyukimYG2t1r3sldxo1_1280colonial usuk
nihon_by_deniigi_studios-d49yoxxnyotalia japan
chibi romanocolorver 2chibi romano(old)
conquistador_nyospain_by_deniigi_studios-d49vxv2 (1)
nyotalia spain(also old)
fem japan
nyotalia japan
aow gif 14
prussia & germany WIP

my tumblr http://deniigi-studios.tumblr.com/
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vocaloid stuff [May. 14th, 2011|11:30 pm]

along with my hetalia dump i have vocaloid skecthes and cosplay:3
B*R*S or black rock shooter

miku hastune
Rin kagamine

i cosplay len kagamine my wig looks different now (better in my opinion) i am also almost done with my synchronicty len. but for now this is all you get^^ all hand sewn...

comments are love, and make my day!
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hetalia dump! [May. 14th, 2011|11:19 pm]

okay so i know i havent been active for a while now ive been a little addicted to devianart and left my poor  lj account aloneXD but hey! that means that anyone who actually read my journal(which i suspect is a total of absaloutly noone=_=.....) get the pleasure of a sudden increase in quality o my art dump:P herp-a-derp. also i cosplay now too>:D this is going to be the largest sketchdump youve ever seen, im not even kidding this going beyond giant its gunna be as be as prussias ego...yeah that big, so here we go!

where to begin~! lets start with sketches!
poland-APH no comment...XD 
czech republlic semi-oicial design
young!norway dramatic ikr
class doodles of belarus
umm knight?hungary
a chibi russia keychain i made
a person on DA requested me to sketch their bioshock version of china
tetonis knight prussia
chibi!Romano Angst~!!!
a doodle of ukraine
angsty tetonic!prussia is angsty
prussia-APH i quite like this one
i edited that realistic pic of vietnam:3
nyo! gerita

so have this series of designs that i made with hetalia in mind. like a rp world character designs(or something like that) for each hetalia character. now I've done most of the characters and I've realized that basically the only thing similar(for most of them) is the hair style, and these character basically belong to me. so now i dont know what to call them original or fanartXD OTL what do you think? should i take credit and call them my own or give credit to himaruya and call it fanart. please comment and tell me what you think, im not a good decision makerxD
these were origionally based off Wy
this one was origionally based off finland
i have designs and rough sketchs for pretty much all of them these are just the only ones ive made good drawings of so far

i mad an isreal OC

i have this vision of Isreal of being on BAD ASS chickxD

casual! prussia no pics o austrian succesion cosplay yet>.< 

Digital drawings!
captain america! from the fanfiction you cant take the sky from me:D finished the backgroud:)
my alaska OC deniigi
estonia/latvia <3

comments are love!

and im doing commissions now!
if you wish to commission me message me with the specifics of what you want, or comment below
Payment will be made through Paypal
 Paypal: smliuag@yahoo.com
I require your email address before I commit myself to a project,  your information will not shared with anyone.
My style when coloring differs if you want a specific style please notify me
Examples of what you should expect:

I do not have examples for everything but if you look at the others you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect

If the image will be used for commercial purposes, this must be discussed during the inquiry phase of the commission, and is subject to change the price.
Commissions cannot be reproduced without my consent

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merry christmas..or whatever you do this time of year:) [Dec. 20th, 2010|01:34 pm]
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |16 milatry wives- the decemberists]

wow i haven't been on here in a while...:3 so I've recently started using deviantart. I've  had one for like half a year, but now I'm actually  using it. if you care enough to check it out here it is http://pencil-defender.deviantart.com/
I've also stared to digitally color, I'm not very good yet and it takes me way longer than it should but I'm doing it::)
and now to make p for being absent i have an artdump~!
this is nyo!America in the ww2 female American uniform
nyo!England thrice times!:D
realistic Vietnam, i shouldn't try realism I'm not very good...but i do anyway~!
Belarus i worked for 2 days on this which is a long time for me.
my oc deniigi
Russia worked really hard on this one its a present for a secret santa exchange on DA:)
i am not a background person don't hold it against me..the girl is Hungary. i worked to try to make this sorta calming and peaceful, and then my best friend pops in yapping on how it reminds her of a horror movie scene...i just don't people sometimes......
and now for the digital art prepare to be disappointed!:D
i have two versions of the next one
aph norway
latvia :3 i luurvee him
captain America from you cant take the sky from me. I'm pleased with this one. i try to try out new things every picture i do, this time i was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. i am currently working on a background for it but me being well me....it will probably end up in disaster so to save you the fate of having to see it, i give you just the person:)

that's all. hope you liked at least some of it.

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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2010|03:32 pm]
hey im back and have a question. would any of you have any ideas on which tablet i should be looking into to buy. i'm trying to ya know NOT spend practically a thousand dollars on it, and was wondering if any of had any idea of a good reliable tablet for sketching, around a couple hundred bucks(less would be better but not being picky). it would be a huge help anyways til next time adios:)
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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2010|04:33 pm]
im back.....B) heheheheh, anyways sorry in advanced for bad quality pics didn't mean for the blue tint, don't have a scanner so...:)
nyo korea/korea
i have a head canon that every year Hungary, Austria and Italy on the anniversary of hre's death got to an old cemetery and to his grave( that is without a body.)and this is what  came up with that in mind.

okay so Ive been trying to do scenes sort of , like mangas. Ive made two so far, neither with dialogue first one is with Russia is one page and kinda sucks so isn't going on here. second one the one im showing is of Belarus and two pages (dark) and i wanna see if you guys can follow whats happening, from left to right begins when she reaches the end of a hallway.

i made that hawaii! :D
she pretty muchly kind, but has a bit of a grudge towards alfred as well as a tempermant dont mess with her or you'll feel the wrath bof her coconuts!

old fashion nyo!england and litttle nyo!america
england and a fairy
nyo japan
my version of fem Canada... before the official design
some beginner kissing pics
spain/belarus it was a request
and estonia/latvia this was for me :3
AND AFTER TWO WEEKS OF WORK, I PRESENT YOU WITH MY FIRST DIGITALLY COLORED PICTURE!!!well i made one before this but it was......well it wasn't very good.

that's all, comments=fuzzys in my belly so are very appreciated.
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Artdump...again [Aug. 24th, 2010|05:24 pm]
alrighty here we go:)
its Seychelles, i tried a different style here. hope it worked out!
south Korea!

chibi time!Britannia angelrussia                                       nyotalia S.Korea                  nyotalia chinaXkorea
OC! Pangea

now OC!Alaska

FFX2 rikkuFFX2 yunaFFX rikku
Switzerland X Liechtenstein
that's it, comments=warm tummy fuzzys so please comment
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(no subject) [Jul. 19th, 2010|03:03 pm]
another art dump WOO! now where do i start?......
oh the cliffs of Moore my first attempt at a landscape

now for some Liechtenstein! mainly beach!leitch
orz sorry for bad pic quality

now for you cant take the sky from me fanart:)
Switzerland my favorite trigger happy sky pirate!:D
hero! yup that's our very own military pilot captain Jones!
*swoons* the one and only captain England one very bad-ass sky pirate!
the swordsman of England's crew, PRUSSIA!!
DUN DUN DUNNN!!! RUSSIA run away from the zeplins!
AH! even scarier crazy psycho Belarus!
and just a captain Seychelles from of silence and thievery but ill group her here
speaking of Seychelles BEACH!Seychelles!

this one took a while all the worlds flags that i could fit that is, and i can name them almost all of them to!
192 flags here
i had a sudden Raivis/Latvia fetish here is the out come

orz ignore my excuse for a mouth it didn't erase well couldn't fix it
ESTONIAA! there how do you like having your name yelled not much though so! anyway here's an Estonia head

WOOT! spain head and matador!Spain! mehehehe

now for the Nordics YAY!
Norway, Denmark, & Sweden
yay an Iceland that i didn't screw up!
Finland and Norway
and another Liechtenstein sorry my bad
orz head why so big?
now another Seychelles

my first drawing of Vietnam ever

now an OC!Mongolia

and an OC!Ireland don't know whether it the northern or not yet

casual Italy not that he inst always casual

now a couple Switzerland

and thats all hope you liked, comments greatly apreciated!

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